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In Office Massage Therapies For Employees

Improving workplace culture and wellbeing is what our service is all about. We offer in office workplace massage therapies that will ensure your key staff know they are valued and seen.

Corporate Massage Therapy

With more than half of Australian employees saying that they often feel workplace stress or overwhelm, we are here to make a difference. If you are reading this, then we imagine you want to show your staff that they are important to you, and that you care for them. Our in chair corporate massage therapies will do just that. All of our staff specialise in workplace massages. 
Becasue of this. they will target the most stressed and strained muscles on your employees first. Aside from making your staff sigh or “aahh” with relief, we will also leave them feeling relaxed, but invigorated too.
From a scientific point of view, our massage therapies will increase blood circulation to help provide more oxygen to the brain. This helps promote better focus and alertness. Of course a massage eases workplace aches and pains too.
More than eighty percent of our clients say right away that our massages have helped relieve stress, and relaxed them. As the organiser, you can be guaranteed they will appreciate it. This can be part of a plan that can lead to greater productivity and longer staff retention at your place of work.
For effective corporate massage therapies Melbourne businesses owner (and staff) recommend, it has to be Healthify.

Corporate Massage Therapy Prices

We offer a variety of ways to help you and your employees enjoy more than just a moment of relaxation.

*Prices are exclusive of GST. Weekends and after hour surcharge applies.

Want to test our skill and make sure we are the right corporate massage provider for your team? We offer a free 1-hour demo for potential clients.

Injury Prevention Program

As part of our corparate massage therapy services, we can offer injury prevention massages for your key staff.

A leading cause of injuries in the workplace is muscular sprains and strains. They can be financially costly to both employee and employer. These injuries actually account for about half of all Lost Time Injuries. Pais and sprains from repetitive use or continuos seated posture can be prevented with the right education and training. Corporate massage therapies can help too!

We offer unique and engaging injury prevention programs that are proven to reduce the frequency and severity of workplace injuries. Our programs are specifically created to match each workplace. They include an in-depth risk assessment. Each course can run anywhere from three to six months.

Some elements that can be included are educational workshops, practical hands-on exercises, targetted stretching, mindfulness coaching and relaxation techniques too. Leadership training and ongoing support for corporate staff can also be offered to help maintain a healthy, happy work environment.

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