Did you know that a short 15 minute Chair Massage can offer powerful benefits for both the body and the mind?  These benefits include improved alertness, learning and memory, reduced stress levels, fatigue and muscular pain and tension. Workplace massages might be shorter than your traditional therapeutic massage but they can be just as beneficial if using techniques that are applied to the muscles most commonly stressed during desk and manual labour work.

Let’s have a look at the top 4 benefits of corporate massage after performing extensive research on the subject and based on our observations after years of practice.

 Improved productivity

 Naturally, an employee’s output increases when they feel well and energised. This is also coupled with the feeling of working for a company that cares about their wellbeing. Receiving a massage at work is different from any other workplace wellness initiatives because it involves touch. Touch is extremely powerful and a basic need of human beings. “Science is now beginning to provide an account of why touch matters so much. Touch on the skin can reduce heart-rate, blood pressure and cortisol levels – all factors related to stress – in both adults and babies. It facilitates the release of oxytocin, a hormone that provides sensations of calm, relaxation and being at peace with the world.” Not only does touch provide incredible health benefits but it’s a literal gesture of appreciation that says: “we know you work hard, we care and want you to feel better.” It’s a message that is well received and employees go back to their desk post-massage with a new sense of motivation.

Appeal to the best talent and retain it

Having an ace up your sleeve in competitive industries can go a long way. There are numerous techniques for attracting the best talent to your company, and massage is one of the best. Over 75% of employees we treat say that corporate massage is their favourite workplace perk. With full time work and family commitments, it’s sometimes difficult to find time in our busy life to get a massage. Having the convenience of receiving a massage directly in the workplace is the perfect incentive for an employee to choose or remain at a company.

 Improved Employee health and happiness

 A broader benefit of corporate massage is a general improvement of workplace health and happiness. With the level of engagement of workplace massage (generally about 70% +), it’s clear that employees value their wellbeing and are committed, as much as possible, to take action to improve their health and happiness. After a few months of implementing a corporate massage program, including a Chair Massage, participants start to be more aware of their musculoskeletal pains and discuss it with their therapist. This can lead them to taking actions to improve their situation by moving more, exercising before or after work and include strategies to reduce stress such as meditation. These small actions over time can make a big difference in employees’ lives.

Boosts morale and Gets Employees Back in the Office

 With 84.6% of our clients saying their corporate massage program has positively impacted their work, it’s clear that office morale improves with a Chair Massage. It’s also a motivation for staff to come into the office in order to access this wellness activity. Getting staff back in the office, even on a part time basis, has become a real challenge for many employers after the multiple COVID-19 lockdowns and corporate massage has become a tool to help improve this situation. We see employees come to work specifically for their massage session on a daily basis. It’s truly amazing how powerful a short massage can be in someone’s life.

Looking for Corporate Seated Massage in your workplace?

 Healthify was born from a passion to deliver the best corporate seated massages in Melbourne. Our workplace massages using a mindful and targeted approach based on anatomical knowledge. We offer them to Melbourne based businesses that may also have offices in Sydney or other areas we can travel to as well. Travelling from office to office everyday, we work tirelessly to deliver the best massages for employees. Our motto; assess, treat, educate and refer. Our method starts by feeling and discussing the areas that need to be worked on, then using specific massage techniques, we provide meaningful treatments no matter how long or short.

Finally, we try to give appropriate evidence-based care advice. Healthify always strive to provide purposeful massages that make a real difference to employees. In fact, we think of ourselves as more than just massage therapists, we’re confidants, winging buddies, advisors and even coaches whose aim is to leave your employees feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Let’s Healthify your workplace by calling us on 1800 879 675 or contact us here to find out more about corporate chair massages Melbourne business recommends.





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