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The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made When Choosing A Corporate Massage Company

by | Mar 14, 2019

There is a reason why the corporate massage industry continues to thrive: it has been proven effective in improving workplace productivity. But not all corporate massage companies can yield the same results. There are some service providers that are less qualified than others.

As the client, it is up to you to separate the wheat from the chaff. Here are the 7 biggest mistakes clients make when choosing a corporate massage company:


#1 Failure to Conduct Research on the Company

The corporate massage therapy industry has grown exponentially since 2006. From 8,199 registered practitioners of massage therapy, this number is estimated to hit more than 17,000 in 2017. As a thriving industry, it is bound to attract massage therapists of varying degrees of expertise.

Thus, it is important to conduct research and due diligence on the individuals and companies offering these services before hiring them.

Methodologies should include online research; visit their website and read up on their approach, experience and achievements. They should readily provide client referrals who you can contact to validate their claims and qualifications. The clients should be willing to provide testimonials.


#2 Lack of a Reliable Qualifying System

Unfortunately, massage therapy is an unregulated industry in Australia. Anyone can call themselves a “massage therapist” even if they don’t have the requisite training.

Given the lure of profit, some unscrupulous massage companies hire unqualified massage therapists so they can offer attractive rates and boost their profit margin.

Before hiring a corporate massage therapy service provider, you have to institute a qualifying system.

  • Conduct an interview
  • Ask candidate to submit certifications of massage therapy training
  • Ask for client testimonials
  • Check up on their references
  • Find out if they are part of an association or organization of massage therapists

Hiring an unqualified therapist is unethical and presents risks to the client. Do not take chances on your health and well-being by placing your body or your staff’s under the hands of an unqualified therapist.


#3 Commoditising the Profession

It is perfectly understandable why pricing is a factor in choosing your massage therapist. But in massage therapy, you may get what you pay for.

When you prioritise pricing over other factors such as experience, expertise, testimonials or achievements you are commoditising the massage therapy profession.

You have to understand that the best, most qualified therapists have invested time and money to ensure clients receive the top quality and effective treatment.

In the context of running a business, it is only fair that a certified massage therapist charge a rate that will recover the cost of investment and at the same time provide a premium for the quality of service.

It may cost you a bit more, but in the end the extra expense will be worth it.

#4 Choosing a Company Without Specialisation

Would you ask a dentist to diagnose your torn ligament? Just because they are both doctors does not mean they can handle all types of medical emergencies.

Seated massages utilises a set of specialised techniques developed specifically for the corporate massage business. Furthermore, conducting massage in a corporate setting has its own set of challenges to overcome.

Therapists who specialise in corporate massage therapy need to acquire other skills such as organizational efficiency, quick decision- making abilities and adaptability to different conditions.


#5 Absence of Therapist Screening Procedures

Instituting corporate massage therapy in the workplace can get your productivity moving from 0 to 100. It provides many benefits such as motivation, better health, high morale and most importantly, give employees a great sense of self- worth and value.

But you have to make sure your employees are literally in good hands.

Ask the Corporate Massage Therapy company to properly screen the therapist. Conducting an interview is a great way to qualify the therapist. 2 of the most important questions the company should ask the therapist are as follows:

  • Has the therapist been skill tested?
  • Has the therapist’s material (chair or table) been tested?

It is not enough to conduct a phone interview. As the service provider, it is the responsibility of the company to assure its clients of the qualification of the therapist and the safety of the materials. This is the best way to ensure the effectiveness of the massage therapy sessions.


#6 Signing a Locked-In Contract

If you sign a locked-in contract, you may have a difficult time getting out of the arrangement if the service fails to meet your expectations or produce the desired results.

Make sure that the contract you sign has an escape clause or provisions that protect your rights as the client. If the contract does not have those types of provisions, recommend that the therapist put them in.

Remember, every contract is open for negotiation before it is signed. In fact, even if it has been signed, the provisions can be amended.

#7 Hiring a Company that Doesn’t Guarantee its Service

In the real world, nothing can be truly guaranteed. But a company that does guarantee its service is one that is confident of its ability to deliver results. It is willing to put its name, reputation and income on the line for the benefit of the client.

On the other hand, a company that is not willing to guarantee its service is one that could be out to protect only its own interests.

If something goes wrong in the course of running the service, there must always be accountability. Safeguards and assurances must be in place to protect the client.

Including corporate massage therapy in the workplace shows that you care about the employees. But this gesture of concern can easily backfire if the therapists do not know what they are doing.

Always take the time to qualify your massage therapists before hiring them.


Bonus point! Not Getting in Touch With Healthify

We came up with this list of mistakes because our clients have shared their horror stories and forgettable experiences with other corporate massage therapy companies.

We’ve also been in the industry long enough to know the best practices to follow in order to maintain standards and ensure our professional integrity.

These contributions as well as our own experiences and innovations will guarantee you relaxing, therapeutic and productive massage sessions with Healthify!

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