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We know massage therapy like the back of our hands.

We’re a team of professional massage therapists who have a passion for creating a workplace culture that’s healthy, happy and safe.

Our Story

Healthify was born from a passion to restore good health in businesses across Melbourne and Sydney. Travelling from office to office, we work tirelessly to deliver the best massages for employees. Our motto; assess, treat, educate and refer. Our method starts by feeling and discussing the areas that need to be worked on, then using specific massage techniques to provide meaningful treatments.


Finally, we try to give appropriate evidence-based care advice. We even provide referrals to other health practitioners if necessary. Healthify always strive to provide purposeful corporate massages that make a real difference to employees. In fact, we think of ourselves as more than just massage therapists, we’re confidants, winging buddies, advisors and even coaches whose aim is to leave your employees feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Meet our talented team of professional therapists.


I love seeing our client’s happy faces everyday and hearing the difference we make in their lives.


It’s so great going back month after month, noting our client’s improvements as we assist them.


I love seeing what a big difference a small time in my massage chair makes.


I love using different massage and relaxation techniques and seeing someone happy with the results.

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