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From improving workplace culture and safety to leaving a lasting impression on prospective customers, we have a range of corporate massage services that can do it all.

Corporate Massage

Looking for Corporate Massage services? Did you know more than half of Australian employees say they often feel overwhelmed with stress? This not only causes health issues for the individual but can also cost businesses billions of dollars every year.
That’s why our team of corporate massage therapists target the most stressed and strained muscles first – helping increase blood circulation and providing oxygen to the brain for better focus and alertness. With more than 80% of our clients saying our corporate massage services have helped relieve stress, you can be guaranteed a relaxing result that increases the productivity and engagement of your employees.

Event Massage

Think about how amazing you feel after having a massage. What if we told you there’s a way you can make people feel the same way about your brand?

Our massage sessions are a creative and cost-effective way to attract people to your event and make sure they leave feeling nothing but good vibes. Plus, we can get to know the basics of your product or service and naturally incorporate them into the massage sessions.

Stand out from competitors at your next event, expo or trade show with a memorable brand experience your guests will continue to talk about for weeks to come.

Pricing Guide

We offer a variety of ways to help you and your employees enjoy more than just a moment of relaxation.

*Prices are exclusive of GST. Weekends and after hour surcharge applies.

Want to test our skill and make sure we are the right corporate massage provider for your team? We offer a free 1-hour demo for potential clients.

Injury Prevention Program

One of the leading causes of injuries in the workplace are muscular sprains and strains, which can be economically costly to both employee and employer. In fact, these injuries account for 50% of all lost time injuries. Luckily, both of these things can be prevented with the right education and training.

Our unique and highly engaging prevention program is proven to reduce the incidence and severity of workplace injury. The program is specifically tailored to your workplace with an in-depth risk assessment and can run anywhere from three to six months.

The program includes educational workshops, practical hands-on exercises and stretching, mindfulness coaching and relaxation techniques. We also provide leadership training and ongoing support for leaders to help sustain a healthy, happy workplace.

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