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The 5 biggest secrets of a corporate massage therapist revealed!

by | May 25, 2019

Ever wonder how your corporate massage therapist knows exactly where your tension is? Maybe you wonder if their hands have some kind of super power to be able to massage so many people in a day? This is your opportunity to learn the secrets of corporate massage therapists and how they are able to do what they do.


They can feel everything, even with their elbows!

This might not really be a secret but a lot of people actually don’t know that someone’s sense of touch can develop to become extremely sensitive. By massaging dozens of people a day, corporate massage therapists have the opportunity to feel all kinds of different bodies. They become aware of the different textures in the muscles and can evaluate the degree of tension, as well as develop a mini treatment plan to give extra attention to the most tensed areas.  It is also very important for therapists to be mindful of their body to avoid repetitive strain injuries.  To do so, they use a combination of techniques, many of them involving the forearm and elbow, giving a break to their hands and wrists. For those deep tissue lovers, you know the “pain” an elbow can cause is just so good and can really hit the spots.


They know if you have been working extra hard

When a corporate massage therapist puts their hands on you, there is an immediate evaluation of the degree of tension present. From this quick analysis, there might be some questioning about the lifestyle and work ergonomics of the recipient. From this discussion, there will often be the discovery of a correlation between certain actions or repetitive movements and an increased level of tension. Good corporate massage therapists also build a relationship with each participant and if visits are regular, can often tell if the muscle tension feels different form the previous session. Therefore, if you have been gardening on the weekend or played golf, chances are, they will know and you will  probably be feeling it too!


We don’t find “The spots” by divine intervention 

Corporate massage therapists have studied the musculoskeletal system and biomechanics. This means that when they know what kind of actions you pose in your daily routine, they can have an idea of where muscle tension might be more present, as well as suspect the presence of trigger points (hyper irritable nodules that can be found in the fascia surrounding the muscle fibres). A combination of technical learning and practical experiences have made them experts at quickly knowing where to massage to get the maximum relief.


No, our partners don’t give us massages at the end of the day!

Massaging for long hours is very demanding but think of it as like going to the gym. When massage therapists start their career or go on holidays, it’s like starting at the gym. The first few sessions are hard-core but then, you build your endurance and it becomes easier. Don’t get me wrong, I often think of putting my husband through massage school only so he could treat me everyday after work. Corporate massage therapists develop a good knowledge of self-care to ensure they are able to perform their job the best they can and for a long time, because ultimately, we love what we do!


We actually would love to massage you all day 

The worst part of the job for a corporate massage therapist is the time restriction. Just like you, therapists find the massages not long enough. The reason is that to get muscles to relax, it takes time. Muscles live in a tensed states most of the day and the accumulation means that to get through the layers, a gradual approach is necessary but not always possible in a shorter corporate massage. There is still a good level of tension relief that can be achieved and massage can offer other great benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety and improving mental alertness. In any case, massage feels great no matter the duration and as we always say: “better a 10 minute massage then a 10 minute meeting!.”

So there you have it, next time your corporate massage therapist visits, you will have a new found understanding of their role and how they are passionate about helping you feel better and be more productive in your workplace. Do you get regular massage at work? If not, there is no better time to start implementing a corporate massage program then today and enjoy all the benefits!

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